Monday, September 2, 2019

A Damn Good Suggestion

Finally, one Minister is using his brains. And he is talking sense. 

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah (left) is proposing that the Election Commission seriously look into undoing the insufferable scam that was unjustly inflicted upon the electorate – as a result of the rampant gerrymandering by the previous corrupt government. 

He has claimed that if we scrutinize the geography of the constituencies and fix it, we should have had about 140 mixed seats. As they presently stand, many constituencies show distorted and skewed racial imbalances.

And once we have more mixed seats, the dynamics of electioneering will be different, he says. Politicians can then be expected to campaign across ethnic and theological lines. 

Saifuddin asserts that mixed constituencies would neutralize the appeal of communal politics and limit the effectiveness of unscrupulous politicians who advocate racist and religious bigotry to win votes. 

In other words, an increase in seats without clear racial majorities would lead to a reduction in communal politics in the country. 

Sadly, we have lived with this silo-type politics for so long in this country – and, things have not changed even with Pakatan Harapan’s surprise victory in GE14. 

The PH government spend much of their energies and efforts on trite matters that are uninspiring and unimaginative – and conveniently forgetting about the real task of reformasi which they had promised the rakyat. 

Worse, they unashamedly indulge in politicking and seem more interested in the trappings of power. 

More so, head honcho Mahathir Mohamad (left) and his gang of Bersatu lackeys. PKR too  a party already, badly ruptured and possibly, beyond repair. 

The other two allies, DAP and Amanah shut their traps and are on their best behavior because they’re just happy to be in the government.

So, what we have now are a Pakatan Harapan government that have lost their way. 

This has encouraged the badly mauled UMNO-BN to go down the road towards racial and religious jingoism. For starters, UMNO have wedded Islamist party PAS and this unholy union represents a single-minded attempt to oust PH in GE15. 

They are appealing directly to the Malay-Muslim electorate. In fact, they believe, rightly or wrongly, they can tap into the Malay-Muslim votebank because Malay-Muslims are wont to vote for a Malay-Muslim party. 

This will only spell disaster for Malaysia because these chauvinists aim to turn back the clock and restore their Tanah Melayu.

Perlis Mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (left) even expounded on his Facebook page on August 15, 2019 that Malaysia is Tanah Melayu and Tanah Melayu belongs to the Malays. And he went on to promote Malay-Muslim domination. 

If that's the case, non-Malays shall be consigned to living here as ‘guest’-citizens. 

I repeat. Pakatan Harapan have failed. And Malaysia is in dire need of reformasi. More than ever! 

Anyway, returning to Saifuddin's suggestion, it is, admittedly, a damn good one and therefore, it merits serious consideration!

Sunday’s match between Celtic and Rangers represented the first Old Firm derby of the season. Both sides have taken maximum points in their opening three Scottish Premiership fixtures – so something has to give at Ibrox, Glasgow. 

So, it came to be that Celtic moved to the top of the table with a decisive 2-0 win. 

Odsonne Edouard netted his fifth goal in seven games against Rangers in the thirty-second minute after collecting winger Mikey Johnston's pass. And then at stoppage-time, Edouard and Olivier Ntcham combined to pass the ball to substitute Jonny Hayes who raced clear of a lethargic Rangers defence. His initial shot was superbly saved by the Ger keeper but he got to the rebound first and slotted into an empty net – to seal the points for Celtic.

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