Saturday, September 7, 2019

MACC's Civil Forfeiture Suit Related to 1MDB

Yayasan Permata, the brainchild of Rosmah Mansor (above), has agreed money which they had received from hubby Najib Razak is not theirs to keep.

[Note: Najib (left) had erroneously thought he was Santa Claus!]

The High Court ruled on Wednesday that a sum of RM4.901 million that was seized from the said foundation for being allegedly linked to 1MDB is to be returned to the Malaysian government. 

Now renamed Yayasan GENIUS Malaysia, foundation head Dr Noraisah Spahat acknowledged to High Court judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah that they were not contesting the forfeiture. 

This is the third successful forfeiture made by the MACC after former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Hasan Malek (right) and Akademi Pemuda did not challenge the government’s suit, and on August 29, 2019, the ruling was made for both parties to relinquish the 1MDB-linked "donations". 

It was reported that the MACC had recovered RM100,000 from Hasan and another RM428,500 from Akademi Pemuda, an UMNO entity. 

The funds in question are part of the RM270 million which MACC are attempting to repossess funds from 41 individuals and organizations that were allegedly channeled from former prime minister Najib‘s bank account.

It's true. 

Sometimes, we focus on 'doing things', just to keep ourselves busy. Or worse, be seen to be busy. And we become trapped in an Existence.

Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the point we forget that Life is for Living. And we don't Love Life enough because we are merely Existing.

Sometimes, we should slap ourselves hard so that we are awaken to the fact that we are Alive. And maybe, to fall in Love with being Alive again.

A sobering truth. 

Maybe, I need a beer now. I've been sober for far too long, LOL!

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