Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Malaysia's Real-life Barbie

Until I saw this Malay Mail article today, I didn’t know that we have a real-life Barbie in Malaysia! 

She is social media personality Izubiela Razi (right): “(It is) the public who dubbed me Barbie or the Barbie doll of Malaysia. The title stuck to me because of my body shape, style, way of dressing and makeup, gentle character and having Barbie’s hair colour”. 

The 29-year-old insists “It’s a coincidence because I really love fashion”. 

Anyway, she says she is willing to spend as much money as possible to look like the famous Mattel creation. She maintains she wears makeup every day, whether she is just lounging at home or while doing household chores. And yes, she even has her makeup on when she goes to bed because she wants to “look pretty” too when she’s asleep. 

Furthermore, she insists it makes her husband happy. 

Izubiela also makes the claim she never wears the same outfit twice. 

Now if that is true, I can only shake my head and exclaim “Poor hubby!” – and I mean it literally. 

Another MINDEF scandal is brewing. 

Helicopters bought during the previous Najib Razak administration for over RM300 million have yet to be delivered to the Royal Malaysian Army, a source close to investigations into allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the purchase of defence assets told FMT yesterday.

Six MD530G light scout attack helicopters, manufactured by MD Helicopters of US aerospace giant McDonnell Douglas, were ordered in 2016 by the defence ministry then headed by Hishammuddin Hussein (left) – after they had reportedly impressed Mindef officials during a demonstration at the 2015 Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition. 

It is said that the helicopter which performed at LIMA 2015 wasn’t really an MD530G but another variant, the MD530F with the serial number N369FF. Image credit: Bernama 

Already, 35% of the contract value, amounting to some RM113 million had been paid to a local company which claimed to be the appointed agent in Malaysia. The FMT report even highlighted that the said entity only had assets that included computers, furniture and office supplies valued at under RM50,000. 

It was also alleged that approval was given just about four months after submission of the proposal by the dubious company which supposedly had strong ties to “a very senior” Mindef official. 

What say you, Hishammuddin? And for sure, Najib must have signed off on the deal too since he was then both Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

Crooked deals just keep surfacing again and again!

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