Saturday, May 4, 2019

Malaysian Academia's Gang of Four

(L-R) Dr Rahmat Mohamad, Dr Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz, Dr Fareed Mohd Hassan, and Hisham Hanapi.

The four lecturers who thought they were being very clever to arrange to secretly meet the Rulers to advise them to reject the Rome Statute are being pilloried for their epic stupidity. 

No, I cannot believe that they can be so unconditionally, unequivocally and unreservedly dumb. I believe they are being manipulative, malicious and malevolent.  

And we cannot avoid but acknowledge that those who had heard them out had shown themselves to be over-trusting and gullible. I guess it doesn’t speak well of them too. 

Education Minister Maszlee Malik (right) told the ‘Gang of Four’ that they need to take responsibility and be ready to be held accountable for their slanted views on the Rome Statute. 

I shall name the four academics again – they are Universiti Teknologi Mara law professor Dr Rahmat Mohamad, International Islamic University Malaysia Dr Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia law lecturers Dr Fareed Mohd Hassan, and Hisham Hanapi. 

Maszlee said: “The Cabinet has decided that the lecturers are allowed to have academic freedom, which is in line with the government’s promise. At the same time, we hope that this issue should be debated with wisdom and in a factual manner, without any hidden agenda and politics”, he told The Star on Thursday. 

Anyway, Maszlee’s comments were in response to G25 rep Alwi Jantan (left) who wrote an open letter calling for the sacking of the four academicians from their positions in their respective institutions. 

“Being employed by public institutions, they are all public servants. 

As such my contention is that they are guilty on three counts as follows: 

First, unless they had received prior permission from their respective vice-chancellors, they went over their heads in offering advice to the Conference of Rulers. 

Second, they went against government policy which had already agreed to accede to the Rome Statute. 

Third, they gave erroneous advice against acceding to the Rome Statute. 

Indeed, they were invited to an open forum last Saturday, on April 27, to defend their views, but they all either declined or did not respond. 

Therefore, I am of the opinion that their positions in their respective universities are no longer tenable”.

If they have even a shred of dignity in them, they will quit. But since they have none – they will all, in unison, proudly purr: “Malu apa, bossku?” (“Why the shame, boss?” in Malay). 

LOL! Thanks to Najib Razak, shamelessness is spreading like a cancer in this country!

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