Thursday, May 9, 2019

A Fish Rots From the Head Down

The ugly truth about UMNO is revealed 

On Wednesday, one of their Senators, Khairul Azwan Harun (left) lamented the fact that almost a year after becoming the Opposition, UMNO have not made great strides with achievements of their own – but still very much depending on Pakatan Harapan’s mistakes to score points. 

So, this fellow is not stupid like the other UMNO politicians. He has recognized that UMNO need to get rid of money politics, blind loyalty and extreme opinions. 

He hopes for the party to be revamped in order to be a “significant choice” for the rakyat, independent of whether PH do well or not. 

But, I don't think he is clever either. He fails to recognize that this hope will not manifest. The fact of the matter is that he still doesn’t know that “a fish rots from the head down”. 

Unless he and his ilk find the courage to kick out every single party leader, that hope cannot materialize. He should know that his party leaders are just as corrupted as the nefarious Najib Razak. 

On Wednesday, I was in Plaza 33 in PJ, Selangor to take up the role of Table Topics Evaluator at the Nielsen Malaysia Toastmasters meeting. The invitation came from Extol’s Katherine James. 

This is a young corporate club but yet, they appear to be lackadaisical about punctuality. They commenced the meeting seven minutes late. Sigh.

Another revelation is the fact that they started the meeting with 25 people (including 3 non-Toastmasters) – but their numbers shrunk to just 17 after the break. 

Hopefully, club mentors can impress on members that the value in Toastmasters meetings actually lie in the Evaluation sessions. That’s where the real learning takes place. 

Speech evaluations are a core element of the Toastmasters educational program. After every speech, one or more peers evaluates how well the speaker delivers his or her message. Frequent feedback from peers helps speakers improve. 

For those of us who are Toastmasters, we can definitely testify to this. 

Photos of the said meeting:

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