Monday, April 29, 2019

Tensions Boil Over in Johor

Tension between Johor royalty and Pakatan Harapan has been brewing since the latter took over the Federal Government in May last year. 

To make matters worse, allegations are rife that the Johor palace are interfering in the state government. 

I have no wish to elaborate – but suffice to say, we had witnessed a change in Menteri Besar and a tweaking of the state executive council members. 

This was in spite of the prime minister (left) stating on Wednesday – it was not the first time he said it – that it is the government of the day which decide who becomes the MB and the excos. 

And the Sultan, according to Mahathir Mohamad, is a constitutional monarch who will endorse the appointment in line with parliamentary democracy and the Federal Constitution. 

It did not help matters that the Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (right), had in response posted excerpts of the Constitution on the rights and powers of Rulers on his Facebook page  and regrettably, these were taken out of context.

He forgets that Malaysians (including the Malay rulers) are to abide by the country’s Federal Constitution – and it was agreed that Malaya (and later Malaysia) would be a democracy where the people would choose its government. Surely, he must know that absolute monarchy is long gone from our shores.

But on Thursday, Sultan Ibrahim (left) out of the blue had urged all parties to set aside any disagreements, especially regarding the relationship between the state and Federal government and even offered to have a mature discussion to resolve matters. 

There was also this mischievous rumor that Muhyiddin Yassin who is a Johorean – and who has a very close relationship with the Johor royals – had back-stabbed his boss Mahathir. 

Intriguingly, after the Sultan offered the olive branch, Muhyiddin found vent in a no-nonsense outburst. 

The Bersatu president (left) said while the sultan’s gesture was appreciated, the Johor Palace must also admit to their role in the hostilities with Putrajaya. 

He said: “As a Johorean, as a federal minister in the Cabinet, this does not put me at ease at all. We must be bold enough. The Sultan also has to agree that certain things have been done by him that created some feelings of uneasiness when it comes to matters of state”. 

Muhyiddin who is also Home Minister issued a stern reminder to the Johor Palace: “That has to stop. It is not that he (Johor Sultan) cannot interfere in the management of the state, but interfering in the running of the governance of the state must not be continued”. Coming from an obedient former Menteri Besar of Johor from 1986 to 1995, Muhyiddin’s flare-up against the royal house raised many eyebrows. 

Muhyiddin had shown he has balls after all! Or maybe he had to – he needed to prove his loyalty to Mahathir and Bersatu. 

And so far, there is only silence from the other side.

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And Manchester City are two victories from winning the English Premier League.

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