Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Enemy Within

I’m calling for Rais Yatim’s sacking. 

First, Rais Yatim (right) attended the Himpunan Kebangkitan Ummah (Gathering for Muslim Revival) protest – where the organizers had alleged that the interests of Malay Muslims were in jeopardy ever since Pakatan Harapan won GE14. I'm mystified. Whose side is he on?

Participation at the July 28 rally is one thing – but to compound matters, he even addressed the assembly. He spoke against the PH pledge to recognize the Chinese independent high schools' Unified Examination Certificate. 

This is unsettling because it means he does not subscribe to the PH manifesto – and when he assailed the UEC so aggressively, he is defying his own party’s position on the matter. 

Second, Rais Yatim took to Twitter on July 31 to castigate Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran (right) for the latter's alleged “pendatang” remark levelled at the Malays. 

Rais was scathing when he said that the Ipoh Barat MP had lost his credibility as he failed to behave as a member of the Cabinet. 

Rais needs to locate his missing brain because in a factual sense, Kula was right. 

Anyway, the latter had promptly apologized and also explained that his speech was in Tamil, and what he said had been mischievously misconstrued. To me, Kula needn't cop a plea.

Even if Rais wants to obstinately stick to his guns – that’s his right, of course. But if he is challenging Kula’s stand – then please, back it up with facts, lest he be labelled a “tin kosong” (‘empty tin can’). 

Don’t just merely oppose for the convenient sake of opposing. 

Third, Rais Yatim attacked DAP’s Chong Eng (right) yesterday, branding her a “petualang” – a Malay word that literally means “vagrant”, but also means an ‘opportunist’. 

And all because of a statement she made seven years ago. WTF!?

Chong, who is the Padang Lalang assemblyperson in Penang, was quoted in a 2011 KiniTV video as arguing that “actually, many Malays also originated from outside Malaysia”; that the “true” natives were the Orang Asli

Anyway, I ask you – is this an untruth? Can Najib Razak or Ahmad Zahid Hamidi or even Mahathir Mohamad respond to this question honestly?  

Rais sounds exactly like an UMNO baboon. Maybe, he should return to his troop. 

Maybe, UMNO is where he rightly belongs. 

Maybe, he joined Bersatu with the malicious intention of becoming the PH wrecking ball.

I say, he is the enemy within. 

I repeat. Sack Rais Yatim.

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