Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The 1MDB Loot Returns

The Equanimity arriving Port Klang, Malaysia. The Star Online, August 07, 2018

The first of the 1MDB loot was returned to Malaysia yesterday – courtesy of Indonesian president, Joko Widodo. 

Our neighbour had impounded Jho Low’s luxury mega-yacht Equanimity in February in Bali and PM Mahathir Mohamad who visited Indonesia in June made a personal request for it to be brought back to Malaysia.

And so, under heavy escort, the Cayman Islands-flagged vessel docked on Tuesday at Port Klang at about 01:00 PM. Officers from the Attorney General’s Chambers and the High Court, teams from Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Bukit Aman Special Branch, Navy and marine police were present to board Equanimity – in order to begin their inspection and investigation. 

Meanwhile, on Monday, the US Department of Justice in a filing to the California Central District Court sought to suspend court action on the prized 'trophy' yacht – since it is already in Malaysian custody. 

But Low’s lawyers made loud noises – saying that the Malaysian government’s takeover of Equanimity was illegal, and that Dr M’s ‘regime’ was not interested in due process, having ignored court rulings in both Indonesia and the US. 

According to the AGC, however, the seizure was done in accordance with Malaysian law and it was the result of the mutual legal assistance (MLA) treaties between the US, Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Also on Monday, Attorney-General Tommy Thomas (right) reiterated that they had invoked the Admiralty jurisdiction of the High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur against the luxury mega-yacht. 

And on the same day too, the court issued a warrant of arrest against this palatial shrine to grandeur. 

Therefore, Thomas rightly maintained that the Equanimity was properly seized under the laws of Malaysia. 

He further explained that this was done at the initiative of the DoJ, which asserted ownership of the said vessel on behalf of Malaysia and 1MDB because monies belonging to Malaysia were used to purchase it. 

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng (left) on Monday even expressed his intention to auction off the $250 million (RM1.02 billion) Equanimity to recover back as much money as possible. 

I’m sure Jho Low is very much riled up over this action to take possession of his magnificent waterborne craft. 

I don't blame him and therefore, he must return to Malaysia to stake a claim on the Equanimity  if he believes he is the rightful owner and that he bought this monument to extravagance with his own hard-earned money. If he has balls, that is. 

Finally, real action on 1MDB! And Malaysians for sure, rejoice! 

Yesterday, I was at Level 15, Wisma Mont’ Kiara in KL’s Mont’ Kiara to take up the role of General Evaluator at the ServiceSource Toastmasters meeting. As always, a good meeting. 

Photos from the said meeting:

And today,  I submitted my ALB #7.

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