Sunday, August 5, 2018

Najib Razak Pokes Fun at Mat Sabu

Najib Razak thought he was being clever when he mocked, ridiculed and taunted Defence Minister Mat Sabu (left).

His tacky comments were nothing but a cheap shot. 

Clearly, Najib showed he has no class.  

Of course, Mat Sabu didn't take it lying down.

Najib, the joke is on you lah! Truly, you are a first-class blardy fool!

Yesterday, in Dublin, Ireland – Jurgen Klopp fielded his strongest starting XI to date in this pre-season match against Italian side Napoli. 

And Liverpool put five past Napoli in a convincing 5-0 win – goals came from James Milner, Gini Wijnaldum, Mohamed Salah, Daniel Sturridge and Alberto Moreno. 

But it was only a friendly – so there's no need to get carried away, even if I was happy with their game. Besides, Napoli were far from top form.

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