Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"I Don't Know"

Will the Prime Minister please remove this incompetent IGP immediately?!?!

It is good to know that the Attorney General Tommy Thomas (right) is wanting to keep us updated on 1MDB. 

Today, he had sought to assuage concerns over the pace of investigations on the 1MDB scorcher by noting that the probe was done independently of his office. 

He said Malaysia’s legal system was inherited from the British and clearly demarcated the responsibilities for investigations and prosecution. 

Thomas added that while this meant more time was required – it was better because of the twin reasons of accountability and transparency. 

“We do not want one agency to investigate and prosecute because that would be too powerful”, he explained. “The division make good sense for check and balance”. 

He added that the Attorney General’s Chambers must wait for investigation papers to be submitted before they can begin their tasks. 

Thomas reiterated that the public will be duly informed should there be any development in the 1MDB investigations.

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