Friday, August 17, 2018

One Bullet in the Head

PM Mahathir Mohamad told 3,500 civil servants that if it was up to him, he’d like to emulate China.

There, the punishment for corruption is execution by shooting. One bullet in the head.

We know all too well, the country is known to bump off more people than all other countries in the world combined. 

The only obstacle he faces is that his “cabinet ministers do not agree to this” – drawing laughter from officers of the diplomatic and administrative services present at his first townhall meeting on Wednesday. 

In case there are Mahathir haters out there  don't get upset. He said it in jest lah.

He highlighted Japan too. He said, people there commit suicide due to shame. 

But in Malaysia, “when you say that you are a thief, they just smile”. 

Of course, Mahathir was making a reference to Najib Razak (left) because our #1 thief knows no shame. 

He cautioned his audience not to serve blindly or to blindly follow orders. 

"Granted, the government expects you to be loyal. But, if we ask you to do things against the law, you should reject. Don't do it”, he forewarned. 

"If I, as the Prime Minister, ask you to murder someone – will you do it?” Mahathir had asked.

And he received a resounding nay. 

Sure, we have discovered many rotten apples – but we must remember that not every apple is spoiled.

Not everybody is like Najib who has shown time and time again he doesn't give a damn. He has purged his conscience because he wants to live in sin. 

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