Friday, August 10, 2018

Colorful Language

CAUTION. If you are ‘language’-sensitive, kindly SKIP and go to the next. Oops, too late!

Actual words, actual crassness, actual venom – brought to you exclusively by UMNO. 

The trio of BN parliamentarians who are purveyors of profanity, rhetoricians of rudeness, and vendors of vulgarity. 

No elaboration, no explanation, no embellishment needed. They don't give a damn. They say it as it is. 

That's UMNO. Uncouth, ungracious, uncultured.

Yesterday, there were two Toastmasters meetings to keep me happy. 

First, I was at Jalan Yong Shook Lin in Petaling Jaya – where I attended the IJM Toastmasters meeting. 

There, I delivered my CC #10 speech titled “I Have Wings” – I talked about weight, lift, drag and thrust. 

Master them and we can fly, figuratively-speaking. 

I was referring to mastering public speaking and how Toastmasters give us wings!

And I completed my Competent Communication manual, round #48. I was voted Best Project Speaker. 

The familiar staircase that goes to the 3rd Floor where Toastmasttings meetings are normally held

Second, I was at Level 5, Wisma Naza in Jalan Sungai  Besi, Kuala Lumpur for the Metro Toastmasters meeting where I presented my tenth Advanced speech that enabled me to earn my ACB #5. 

This was a ‘Speaking After Dinner’ speech from the Entertaining Speaker manual titled “My Farewell”. 

I was (again) voted Best Project Speaker.

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