Friday, February 23, 2018

Who Should Get the Credit?

Deputy minister Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah sits on a potholed road and prays to Allah for help to have it repaired. Facebook picture

Abu Bakar gives the thumbs up after repair works were done. Facebook pic 

Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah is the deputy science, technology and innovation minister. He is also the Member of Parliament for Tangga Batu. And yet, these portfolios couldn't help him to get things done.

He had highlighted the potholes along Jalan Bukit Berlian in Melaka to the district council a week earlier and asked them to carry out repair works. 

On Monday, he noticed that nothing was done. 

Therefore, Abu Bakar felt compelled to take drastic action. 

He performed a prayer in front of one large pothole and this was posted on his Facebook page. The picture of him sitting on the road and asking for divine help went viral. 

Hardly 12 hours later, the road repairs were carried out. 

Depending on whom you ask, we can either thank God or Facebook.

Did you read my post about the Lunar New Year ad featuring a rooster that barks that was published on February 17, 2018? 

Apparently, the barking cock was no boo-boo! At least according to Auntie Siow. She maintained that it was actually done on purpose.

Give her a listen:
And believe me, she was not talking cock! 

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