Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Maligned Roach

Photo: Facebook/Jeff Jeff 

I am making an appeal to my fellow humans to show respect to cockroaches. Maybe even give them love. 

Did you know that they are an ancient group of insects, dating at least as far back as the Carboniferous period, some 320 million years ago? 

They are, of course, unlike us. 

Cockroaches have simple as well as compound eyes. A pair of antennae or feelers. Their mouths can move from side to side and are capable of processing smell and taste. Their bodies are flat and oval-shaped. They have rigid exoskeletons that they shed (or molt) a couple of times during their lifetimes. Spiracles which are external respiratory openings are visible on the sides of their bodies. Also two small appendages on their abdomens, known as the cerci, act as sensors. They have three pairs of jointed legs. The specialized pads located at their tarsi are used for scaling surfaces and even allow for walking on walls and ceilings. And they have wings that are flattened against their backs. 

Because they are different, we detest them. Because they are supposedly creepy crawlies, we despise them. Because we don’t look at them the same way we look at dogs, cats, hamsters and other furry pets, we feel disgust. 

And so the sight of just one solitary cockroach scurrying in a car gave a 61-year-old woman such a fright that she crashed her Mazda into an overhead bridge in Jurong East Central in Singapore on January 26, 2018. 

Don't blame the roach lah! It has been unfairly maligned throughout the ages.

Surely, roaches deserve our respect. Even our love too. After all, they are also God's creations. And they are here for a purpose.

I happily stumbled upon this video clip Story Time featuring Nancy Cartwright as ‘Darlene Davenport’ – and I absolutely loved it: 

Please give it a listen – it has the appropriate sound effects for all punctuation! A sort of tribute to the late great Victor Borge.

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