Sunday, February 18, 2018

Liow Tiong Lai Blasts Mahathir to Praise China

Last week, MCA’s most senior asslicker Liow Tiong Lai (right) launched a scathing attack on Mahathir Mohamad accusing him of attempting to wreck bilateral relations with China. 

Mahathir, he said, was “creating unnecessary fears among Malaysians over Chinese investments”. 

But Liow being Liow, he can’t be expected to understand what Mahathir was talking about in relation to China. 

Liow is just being true to himself. By being a stupid-ass. 

Mahathir had merely expressed grave concern over Najib Razak’s foolhardy embrace of China at the expense of the national interest. 

Chinese state-linked firms played the role of white knight to rescue 1MDB in 2015 as the scale of the fund’s financial woes became public – following a series of leaks to the media by whistle-blowers. 

China General Nuclear Power Corp swooped in with a $2.3 billion deal to buy 1MDB’s power assets, while China Railway Engineering Corp bought a stake in the Bandar Malaysia development project for RM12.4 billion. Prior to the deals, the fund sat on nearly RM42 billion in debt. 

And there are a host of other so-called China investments. ECRL (East Coast Rail Link), Melaka Gateway, Forest City, and MCKIP (Malaysia-China Kuantan industrial Park). 

Mahathir viewed Najib’s efforts to deepen ties with Beijing as worrying – he believed the latter has a self-serving reason that has nothing to do with having the country’s best interests at heart. 

Sometime last year, Mahathir had reasoned: “We question whether these projects are necessary for Malaysia or not...what is happening is that Najib wants to borrow money but he needs an excuse to borrow money”. 

[Note: This came from a wide-ranging interview he gave with South China Morning Post’s This Week in Asia that was published on April 01, 2017]. 

Mahathir is right to be concerned about why we are suddenly borrowing humongous sums of money to fund gargantuan infrastructure projects that the government has yet to prove are really necessary. 

Actually, these colossal undertakings serve China’s strategic goals; not ours. 

For sure, blasting Mahathir will win the MCA some brownie points from Najib but nobody else really gives an ass-shit. 

Liow must be thinking he was smart to play the China card – little did he know that it will serve no purpose because Malaysians will refuse to play along with the MCA. 

The BN party that is facing political annihilation in GE14 should be more concerned with defending the legitimate interests of minority communities like the Chinese in the country rather than appearing to be the spokesperson for the People’s Republic of China. 

More than stupid, Liow is an idiot. 

Bursting with childlike eagerness, this dunderhead had said “relations between Malaysia and China are not built on interest but on genuine friendship”. 

What a stinky pile of bullshit! 

Someone had written that “only fools build bilateral or multilateral relations on the basis of sentiment. In international affairs; there are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests”. 

That same someone added: “Anyone who deals with China will quickly know that they are not sentimental; they know exactly what they want and pursue it with persistence and determination. Behind the smile and sweet talk is an iron fist; just ask our navy commanders trying to enforce our sovereignty in the South China Sea”. 

[Background info: Local fishermen couldn’t fish in Malaysian waters in the Luconia Shoals area off northern Sarawak since May 2015 because they had been chased away from there and threatened by the Chinese Navy. 

Luconia Shoals, locally known as Gugusan Beting Patinggi Ali, is a cluster of shoals and reef complexes, 65 nautical miles north-west of Miri, in the South China Sea. 

FMT reported that the Foreign Ministry had lodged weekly protests with Beijing over the presence of the Chinese Navy – but to no avail. China, which is 4,000 km away, claims that Luconia, which is just outside the Spratly Islands, belongs to it]. 

So, Liow, shut the fuck up! 

Liow aside  today, China is asserting itself as the driving force behind globalization. 

And it is projecting bold confidence and flexing its muscles economically, politically and militarily.

Like it or not, the Chinese dragon is on the move. It deserves the world's respect.

Below, is an interesting video clip showcasing the might of China's Army for their 60th anniversary parade – with the Hell March theme from the Red Alert 3 game:

A real ass marching spectacle!

Don't mess with China!

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