Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two Logos: A Lesson in Contrast

Check out Toastmasters’ D51 Annual Conference 2018 logo! 

It is the brainchild of three persons actually. And I must say here that it really looks good. 

Compare this with the Visit Malaysia 2020 logo – and which continues to receive brickbats from Malaysians. 

Social media users had expressed disbelief that the logo was approved for Malaysia’s global tourism campaign, wondering if the photo shared online was fake or part of a joke. 

Others claimed the logo was designed using a simple programme like Microsoft Paint and had put Malaysian graphic designers to shame. 

One Muzakir Xynll tweeted: "The Visit Malaysia 2020 logo is actually really good if you take away the sunglasses. colours, composition, shapes, font, tagline, and logo".

Another, a Justin Khoo described the tagline as "Unappealing. Unwhelming. Unimpressive."

As expected, Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz defended the logo and insisted everybody praised it. He reiterated: “This logo is for foreign tourists. It is not for domestic use, I don’t care”. 

And to fend off his critics, he added: “We did not pay a single sen. The one who designed it is our own staff”. 

It is not about whether it is free or not, you nitwit – it’s about having a design that shows quality, that illustrates class. That Visit Malaysia 2020 logo, sir, looks amateurish. 

And why are the cartoon animals wearing shades? Are those put there to hide their embarrassment about the logo?

Still, everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. Good or bad.

Learn how to say cheers in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and many other languages. 

This video from the Condé Nast Traveller series will have you clinking glasses like a local in no time! Yam seng!

On Sunday morning, I had to prop my eyelids open in order to catch this FA Cup match between Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion. Three forty-five AM local time, to be precise.

Anyway, the Reds were beaten 2-3 by the latter in this fourth-round Saturday tie dominated by video assistant referee (VAR) decisions. 

A disappointing game for Liverpool. 

We are not good enough. And I should have just stayed in bed instead.

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