Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sick as a Dog

Yesterday, a village idiot who comes in the guise of Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong claimed DAP’s days are numbered in Penang! He even added for good measure that the ruling state government had wasted 10 years of everyone’s time. 

I am laughing so hard that I fear I may be feeling nauseous! 

It is Gerakan whose days are numbered! 

I find it incredibly insulting that BN politicians can continue to spew nonsense to the point that I am now having stomach-churning queasiness.  

I am really sick as a dog now! 

I did say in my previous post I was in Georgetown, Penang. I was there for four days from November 22, 2017. 

On Friday, November 24, I had a couple of beers with a fellow Toastmaster and good friend Muthukumaran Kodiappen at the SAC venue, the 4-star Bayview Hotel Georgetown in Lebuh Farquhar. It was at the rooftop of the Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Sky Bar and which offered a breathtaking view of Penang.

Two days earlier, I was at the Gurney-Hydro Toastmasters Club meeting at KDU Penang University College in Jalan Anson – which Muthukumaran had kindly organized. 

One interesting feature was they come armed with squirt guns. If  a speaker goes overtime, he or she gets shot at and you can expect him or her to get really wet!

If you must know, I did get wet that evening!

A really good meeting where I delivered my speech CC #10 titled "Life Sucks", did a sharing with members and even proceeded to have supper with them after that.

The awesome outcome was that as at today, seven of them have signed up for D51 Annual Conference 2018! 

The following day, I attended the Achievers Toastmasters meeting at Jalan Macalister. There, I was voted Best Table Topics speaker.

Certainly, a productive Toastmasters trip to Penang.

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