Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sabahans Told to Forgive Mahathir Mohamad

Sabahans should take the cue from the likes of DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and forgive former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad for his past transgressions, said Parti Warisan Sabah president Shafie Apdal on Sunday. 

He said the people should therefore stop and ask themselves, what compelled two strong-headed men, who had in the past demonised Mahathir that they are now willing to work with him. 

The former rural and regional development minister spelled it out: “We humans are not perfect. Each of us has our faults. Mahathir has said sorry and his apology was accepted by Anwar and Lim. We should ask why they accepted this apology. Because their desire for change is stronger than their anger. For the sake of the nation, they are willing to set aside the bitter past so that the Malaysian government is replaced for the better”. 

The ex-UMNO vice-president also reminded the people that it was Mahathir who had revived UMNO when the party was deregistered in 1987. 

side note.


A Malaysiakini report published February 20, 2016 had carried the preposterous claim trumpeted by thick-skinned Najib Razak that it was him who actually saved UMNO!] 

Shafie said that it was ironical that the person who had resuscitated the party was now working hard to kill it – but not with any malicious intent. 

[Already, Shafie’s Parti Warisan Sabah and other like-minded parties are working hard to break BN’s stranglehold over Sabah]. 

Mahathir is under attack, Shafie said. BN want to discredit Mahathir because he is a threat. 

Just like Shafie, we must acknowledge that the latter still has the mental capacity and the experience, both of which would be beneficial to Malaysia. 

“He was the man who successfully manoeuvred the country out of the 1997 financial crisis. He knows how to get the country out of trouble and we want this knowledge”, he explained. 

Shafie who is also Semporna MP said currently, the country was burdened by mounting debts and the government was finding it difficult to service its loans. This is why, he said, the government resorted to introducing GST. 

[Note: In spite of Shafie’s support for Mahathir, his party are maintaining their independence and had resolved not to join Pakatan Harapan]. 

Sure, we all know that Mahathir is to be blamed for the so-called Project IC which allegedly granted citizenship to immigrants with the issuance of identity cards. 

That may be so – but remember too, that he couldn’t do what he did without the vigorous support and active participation of as well as with the acquiescence of Sabahans. 

Fast forward to the present. Our 1st goal is to bring down Najib Razak. 

Support Mahathir and all opposition forces because our #1 agenda demands it. It is about saving Malaysia, after all!

Here's something Malaysians must take note of:

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