Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nur Jazlan Threatens Anwar Ibrahim

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed fired the first salvo against the news that Anwar Ibrahim could be released from prison as early as June 08 this year. 

Yesterday, he said Anwar’s jail time could be extended if the latter’s statements issued from behind bars were without the approval of the director-general of the Prisons Department. He maintained that if the pronouncements were not sanctioned, it is, therefore, an offence.

Nur Jazlan said the statements included Anwar’s “blessing” for PH to name Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister-designate should PH capture Putrajaya in GE14. 

For sure, BN and especially UMNO are in jitters. 

Already, Mahathir has to endure constant attacks by BN – showing the governing coalition is genuinely worried about a possible opposition victory in the 14th general election. The 92-year-old elder statesman’s experience in governance and his unswerving determination to defeat UMNO made him the best bet to lead the opposition in the polls. 

And with Anwar’s strong support – Pakatan Harapan have more than a sliver of hope to wrest control of the government. I am optimistic. 

On Thursday, I was at the USG Boral Toastmasters meeting in Sunway – where I was the General Evaluator.

A wonderful meeting. Indeed, I am impressed with the enthusiasm, the energy and the eagerness to learn and benefit from Toastmasters.

Thanks, Leanne, for the invite.

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