Monday, January 29, 2018

Najib Razak is Supremely Confident

The Malaysian Insight article published on January 27, 2018 rightaway caught my attention. It carried the news that Najib Razak was supremely confident he will win GE14 – and even better, win very comfortably. 

It seems that the above was robustly sensed during the Prime Minister’s trip to Singapore last week (January 15-16). 

This strong conviction was evident at official meetings and during discussions on the sidelines – and leading Singapore officials to note the cheery tenor and body language of the Malaysian leader. 

According to the said report, Najib's party believes it is a cinch to secure at least 140 parliamentary seats. 

One source in BN’s election machinery had informed The Malaysian Insight that they have within sight, one hundred seats in the Peninsula plus the 47 seats in Sabah and Sarawak they won in GE13 and which they will still keep in GE14. 

This means Najib is right to be upbeat. 

One internal study, in fact, put them as grabbing 170 of the 222 seats in contention. If they got their sums right, BN will have an excellent chance to regain two-thirds control of Parliament come GE14.

[Note: Of the grand total of 222 parliamentary constituencies – Peninsula has 165 seats, Sarawak 31 seats and Sabah 25 seats. In GE13, BN won 133 parliamentary seats – 86 in Peninsula, 25 in Sarawak and 22 in Sabah]. 

But on what basis is Najib and UMNO so sure they will triumph in GE14?

This same report nailed it down to these five factors: (1) An improving economy plus a strengthening ringgit, (2) a supposedly fractured Opposition, (3) the PAS decision to force three-cornered fights and ensuring opposition votes are split, (4) dissipating anger at 1MDB plus the fact that rural Malay voters cannot relate to it and therefore, they don't care, and (5) any unhappiness over the escalating cost of living will be negated by the goodies especially cash reimbursements, generously handed out between now and GE14 to targeted vote banks.  

I am so happy for Najib and BN. But let’s not jump the gun. Let's just wait and see.

After all, Najib was cocksure about winning it big in 2013! 

On Saturday, I was at the Taylor's University Toastmasters meeting and I delivered my CC#4 speech titled "What a Waste" and thus completing my Competent Communication manual for the forty-fifth time. 

Btw, I was voted Best Assignment Speaker. Nice to know I haven't lost my touch. Yet.

I hadn't expected to be speaking but Vice President Education Edward Ong made it possible. Thank you!

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