Monday, August 7, 2017

D51 Annual Conference 2018: I Have Had Help

Following yesterday's post, it must be pointed out that this was never meant to be a solo project. That is simply not possible. 

I would need help, lots of help. Particularly from Toastmasters who are committed, zealous and steadfast. Three important attributes.
I had help from many quarters and for which I am grateful and some of them are mentioned here.
The preliminary phase had been wonderfully facilitated by Qeera Zabri:

Thanks to Ong Mei Lin, the registration mechanism was discussed and deliberated and then implemented: 


And additional marketing help came from talented ex-Toastmaster Chrristine Ngiam  a series of ads which added a touch of class to the marketing campaign:

Then there's Lina Seow for translation work; Muthukumaran Kodiappen, Daina Tan and Toh Hui Sung for taking on the task to promote the events up north; and others too like Toh Siew Pat, Cyril Jonas, Yeoh Cheng Lim and Daniel Tan.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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