Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Warning from Rosmah Mansor on Slander

Law firm Messrs Noorhajran Mohd Noor acting for Rosmah Mansor on Saturday warned that they are “monitoring social media and all forms of publications” because of vicious volleys of venomous vengefulness that had been directed against the latter.
Those who do so would face legal action without further notices or references, they threatened.
“These attacks are false allegations made without any proof or basis, done with malice with the sole intent of putting Rosmah in disrepute, casting aspersions of alleged wrongdoings and causing harm and injury to her reputation”.
Mahathir Mohamad challenged the prime minister’s wife to carry out her threat of taking her accusers to court. In a short video clip posted on his Facebook page yesterday said: “Rosmah says she wants to hunt down those who slander her, and I do not fear because this is not slander. Courage for truth”.
Mahathir added: "If you are brave, sue us. I am prepared”.
Lawyers say the threat is unlikely to result in any real legal action, such as a defamation suit, due to the legal work entailed and the fact that the wife of the prime minister would likely be called to testify as well.
"It seems they're doing it to scare people from commenting on her. It's a practice to intimidate others", said Eric Paulsen, executive director of Lawyers for Liberty.
Paulsen said blogs and social media users should not be targeted as they are not the originators of information regarding 1MDB.
Litigation lawyer Siti Kasim said individuals or publications would only be liable if they made subjective claims that cannot be proven in court.
"If there are claims that she has spent money lavishly from 1MDB, it's a different story. But even then, if she sues over the fact that she's not the recipient of money linked to 1MDB, (her lawyers) will have come out with proof that she wasn't".
Siti, who is also a vocal human rights activist, added there no longer appears to be any legal issues in naming Rosmah as the wife of MO1.
"A minister has publicly confirmed that MO1 is the prime minister and so by implication, she (Rosmah) is the wife of the prime minister. I'm not sure how's she going to disprove that", Siti said.
Last September Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Rahman Dahlan said in an interview with the BBC that MO1, as named by the US Department of Justice was none other than PM Najib Razak.
"I've said it openly. Obviously, if you read the documents, it is the prime minister", the BBC quoted him as saying in an article titled "Who is Malaysian Official 1? Case closed".
We know Najib has not denied this.
Besides, what is wrong in discussing matters of public interest?
It is important to acknowledge that the DoJ allegations relate to public funds and the conduct of governmental officials including MO1. Therefore, nobody should try to stifle free expression.

And Najib, can you please come out from under the bed? You can’t hide forever!

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