Saturday, April 8, 2017

Voter Registration Objections in Selangor

DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming (right) accused UMNO of having a racial agenda in filing spurious objections pertaining to the registration of new voters, mostly in Selangor.
This is a grave charge and he backed it with data obtained from the Election Commission. He had examined the objections made last year and his findings were startling.
Ong said: “From Quarter 1 to Q3 2016, a total of 4,694 objections were received by the EC, out of which 4,427 or 94% were objections filed in Selangor”.
He added that an analysis of the objections from Q1 to Q3 2016 in Selangor also showed two disturbing trends.
Firstly, out of the 36 seats which have objections, 30 or 86% were in seats which were contested by UMNO in the 2013 general election (i.e. GE13).
Secondly, of the 4,427 objections in Selangor, 92.8% were Chinese voters, 5.8% were Indian voters and 1.2% were Malay voters.
And these trends persisted in the period October to December last year as well.
According to Ong, during Q4, the statistics showed that a total of 2,550 objections were lodged in Selangor in 24 state seats. Of this number, 20 or 83% were seats contested by UMNO in GE13. And of the voters being objected to, 79.1% were Chinese voters, 6.3% were Indian voters and 14.2% were Malay voters.
The Serdang MP pointed out that he was not against the right to file objections against voters but there must be solid grounds to support them. He gave examples of these objections, e.g., ‘the address of the voter cannot be found’ or ‘the voter is not known by the local residents” – when in fact, the person who objected had not visited the voter at his or her registered address.
He claimed that there is anecdotal evidence that the objections in Selangor had been filed by UMNO members and/or UMNO-linked organizations.
The EC must put a brake to these baseless objections – which are depriving thousands of Malaysians from exercising their constitutional right to vote in the next general election (i.e. GE14).
UMNO are up to their dirty tricks again.
On Monday, I attended the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting in Bangsar, KL. This time, I delivered CC #2 titled "When You Win, You Lose". A good speech, methinks.

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