Sunday, April 9, 2017

Malindo Strip-down Procedure

Malay Mail Online had reported on Wednesday that Malindo Air had asked flight attendant job applicants to expose their chests, lift their skirts, fold up their pants or remove their pantyhose.
Internet users have criticized the company, and at least three women opposition MPs called for an end to this procedure, urging Malindo to apologize to all Malaysian women.
In a statement on the same day, Malindo, which employ 700 female cabin crew members to date, said the grooming checks were conducted to spot visible marks and were conducted privately and in a professional manner by female supervisors.
I am speechless. In this day and age, that was deeply disrespectful, demeaning and derogatory.
Malaysian squash player Low Wee Wern had her second surgery (involving ACL + MCL Reconstruction & Lateral Tenodesis) in London, UK on April 05. Good to know it went well and she is in recovery.
On Wednesday too, I was in Menara LGB at No. 1, Jalan Wan Kadir in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL for the Deloitte & APAcS Toastmasters joint meeting. The latter outnumber the former by at least 4 to 1.
Anyway, I delivered my CC #5 titled “Broken”. I was voted Best Speaker.

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