Saturday, April 15, 2017

Like a Thief in the Night


Bernama pic
Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Friday that the BN alliance is ready for the fourteenth General Election.
Najib, who is also BN chairperson and UMNO president, said intensive preparations had been and were being carried out by his party as well as the component parties.
And he sounded a clear warning to the opposition – that he is confident of outright victory.
He had trumpeted: “GE14 can be held this year or next year. Whether this year or next year, we will still win. We have sharpened the sword”.
Damn cocky, isn’t he?
A day later, Najib made a clarion call on all pro-government social media activists to go on the offensive in cyberspace to defend the government and help BN retain Putrajaya.
"We have long been in defensive mode. Enough. It is now time to attack!" he said in a post on his blog titled "2017 Social Media Activists Assembly".
GE14 is approaching – and Najib has given the order to fire at Pakatan Harapan, signaling his stubborn desire to stay put in Putrajaya.
The opposition coalition better get their act together; otherwise Najib, like a thief in the night, will steal the election again.
And Malaysians end up as losers!   

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