Saturday, January 7, 2017

Endemic Corruption in BolehLand

Some of the foreign currency seized from the secretary-general that was arrested for corruption is seen at the MACC KL office, January 4, 2017. Bernama pic

And 8kg of gold bars estimated at RM1.6 million. Image credit:
According to a Star report yesterday, social media postings of foreign holidays and those of expensive, luxury items will lead to MACC scrutiny.
And MACC deputy chief commissioner for operations Azam Baki had confirmed that they monitor postings by civil servants who depict lavish lifestyles.
"Having one too many Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton bags will raise eyebrows and suspicion as to the source of their wealth”, he was quoted as saying.
It seems that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission have woken up from their slumber… finally.
On Wednesday, the MACC detained a 59-year-old Rural and Regional Development Ministry secretary-general as well as his two sons, aged 29 and 34 years – after seizing cash and gold bars valued at about RM3 million from the civil servant’s home in USJ, Subang Jaya.
A day later, the MACC again seized more cash and gold bars from the “Datuk”, bringing the total amount seized to more than RM5 million.
A source said the suspects were also believed to own more than 10 plots of land around the Klang Valley under the names of family members, but the MACC team was still seeking to confirm this and evaluating the value of the land.

Last October, the MACC had seized RM75 million from the offices, houses and bank accounts of a 54-year-old director and 51-year-old deputy director of the Sabah Water Department – of which RM53.7 million that was recovered was in cold hard cash.
Apparently, it took more than 30 MACC officers 13 hours to count the loot. Among the items seized include 94 high-end handbags and 127 land title grants.

Some of the cash confiscated by MACC in October 2016. Image via New Straits Times, Malaysia

And seized jewelry. Image via New Straits Times, Malaysia
And 94 luxurious handbags from the Sabah raid. Image via Julia Chan/Malay Mail Online
Malaysians know the above is just the tip of the iceberg.
They show all too clearly that corruption is deeply embedded in the Malaysian civil service.
But why only civil servants?
What about our politicians? And if I may add, their wives too?
Surely, the MACC are not blind to this?
And what about 1MDB?
It seems strange that the huge elephant in the room is invisible to MACC! 
Welcome to Malaysia: A land where kleptocracy has become a way of life.

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