Thursday, March 31, 2016

Adenan Satem Throws His Support Behind Najib Razak

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem has declared that he supported PM Najib Razak for the sake of development.
“I want to make more money for Sarawak – that is why I support the Prime Minister, because I know he can help us”. According to a Star report published on Tuesday.
Already, this March Najib was in the state twice. Adenan praised Najib because the latter had been to Sarawak nearly 50 times in six years, more than all the past Prime Ministers put together.
I guess, Najib knows how much he needs Sarawak’s support. His political survival depends on Sarawak. 
And Adenan too is embracing Najib’s famous clarion call “You help me, I help you!” – if you can recall the latter’s speech he made in May 2010 to the Sibu electorate.
The FBI do not need Apple’s assistance anymore.
It seems they had managed to unlock the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terror attacker. It was unclear who helped the FBI access the phone and what was stored on the device – but news reports have said the FBI may have sought assistance from an Israeli forensics company. 
As such, the heated legal standoff with Apple that had pitted US authorities against Silicon Valley ceased. 
Apple, backed by a broad coalition of technology giants like Google and Facebook, was fiercely opposed to assisting the US government in unlocking the iPhone on grounds it would have wide-reaching implications on digital security and privacy. 
I was at the IICS Toastmasters meeting yesterday where I was the General Evaluator. There were only 15 of us but it was still a fun meeting.
I befriended some guests first-timers and I believe they will sign up as Toastmasters. Joining Toastmasters is a no-brainer, really!


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