Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Two Jokers

On Tuesday, Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan (left) showed how clueless he was when he said: "I am just hearing about this now. Let me check…”
The fool was referring to the simmering issue regarding the appointment of an ustaz from Kelantan to head SMK Sungai Paoh, a school with a majority Dayak-Christian student population in rural Sarikei, Sarawak.
Local sentiments must not be ignored. The Dayak concern shouldn't be dismissed so easily. More worryingly for the local population is the fact that there had been a rash of reported incidents of teachers converting Dayak students, who are typically Christian, to Islam.
But this Kamalanathan is ignorant, nescient and obtuse. He even dares to admit that he didn’t know anything about this. How can he not know? Is he only good at warming his cushy seat at the Education Ministry? Does he know his job?
Methinks, this MIC fella is an impressive joker!
And then there is this creepy-crawly who is the PPP president M Kayveas (left) who, also on Tuesday, defended the RM2.6 billion PM Najib Razak received in his personal bank accounts, saying there was nothing wrong with the donation. The worm had argued that “nice people donate”!
As if the remarks were not stupid enough, he added that political leaders who continuously criticize Najib and his government will make themselves look like jokers.
Methinks, it is the other way around. Those who are shielding Najib and trying to explain away his laundry list of wrongdoings are the real jokers.

Don't you know that there are two jokers in a standard deck of cards?
On Deepavali Day, I found them. You know their identities. Kamalanathan and Kayveas. Enough said!
Yesterday, I was at the Malaysia Airlines Academy (Training Center) where I embarked on a new challenge. And that is to reacquaint myself with the national language. I am starting on a new round of the CC manual – but this time, I delivered my Ice Breaker in Malay. My CC #1 speech title was "Budak Melaka" ('Malacca Boy').

It was a nerve-racking experience because my communication is almost all the time in English. In fact, the last time I spoke at length in Malay was when I taught at Open University Malaysia many, many years ago where dual language delivery (English-Malay) is the norm. 
I am relieved to say that I survived this 4-6 minute ‘ordeal’ and I am grateful the Kelana Bilingual Toastmasters Club gave me the opportunity.
Nine more speeches to go!

And I chartered a new club, Liquid Gold Advanced Toastmasters Club on October 31, 2015:


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Unknown said...

In Malaysia we have enough jokers to make up a deck of playing cards😣