Monday, November 2, 2015

TV2's Mandarin News Desk in the News

Since Wednesday, RTM TV2 has aired the 8PM Mandarin news bulletins without any accompanying video footage and removed even the headlines – forcing the news readers to read out the text for the full 20 minutes.
The action was purported to be punitive action against the Mandarin news desk after a Malaysiakini photo-montage, with an image of Najib Razak looking downcast, was used as a backdrop to a news item about a civil suit involving the prime minister and PKR.
Video footage was restored on the Friday broadcast but without scrolling Mandarin text. On Saturday, a static background was used, without accompanying Mandarin headlines.
Some Malaysian Chinese are riled up. Why the “punishment”, they ask? Shouldn’t TV2’s Mandarin news desk be able to use any relevant photo when broadcasting the news, as they see fit? Why are the RTM management so disrespectful?
Three student groups – the University of Malaya Association of New Youth, New Era Students Union, and Student Progressive Front of Unversiti Utara Malaysia – have urged Radio-TV Malaysia to stop their unwarranted interference, describing RTM’s actions as an act of suppression of press freedom, and also claimed it was against constitutional protection of the use of mother tongues – in this case, Mandarin.
Personally, this is not that big a deal! After all, who in their right minds would want to watch government-controlled media mouthing propaganda that contains nothing but bullshit?
The Ipoh weekend trip organized by the ITC Bintang Toastmasters Club was memorable because – besides the Toastmasters meeting with the YMCA of Ipoh Toastmasters Club – it was all about food, food and food!
Check out the photos of some of the places we went:

My first and only beer – a Heineken – for Saturday night! @ Indulgence.
The hotel I stayed – and it was really nice. And right in the heart of the city too.


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