Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Story of 12 Hermes Handbags

Photos taken from Malaysia Chronicle, November 24, 2015
Maira Nazarbayeva, the mother of Najib Razak's son-in-law, has reportedly used the prime minister's name after being accused of taking a dozen Hermes handbags worth $401,912.50 (£264,564; RM1.72 million) without paying for them.
The New York Post had reported on November 19, 2015 that Maira had ordered the bags from the Financial District business Samilor in 2014 and 2015 but did not pay for them.
Citing a Manhattan federal suit, the US daily said when confronted, Maira had allegedly threatened to hurt Samilor president Bella Belkin and her family. "You know who my son is! He is son-in-law of the prime minister of Malaysia!" Maira was reported as saying. "I will hurt you and your family if you sue me!"
Malaysiakini have obtained court documents filed with the Southern District of New York which appear to verify the New York Post report. In fact, Bella’s family, including her husband Edward Belkin and their children were threatened not once but at least three times by Maira since June 2015.
The second threat occurred three months later on September 30, 2015 during a meeting between Edward Belkin with Maira and her son Daniyar Kessikbayev (who married Nooryana Najwa, daughter of PM Najib). Maira had allegedly threatened – “I am not paying you anything. You know what I can do. You know what I did in Kazakhstan. I will hurt you and your family.”
The third threat against the Belkin family was in the form of a text message in October 27, 2015, after Maira realized she would be sued. The text read: “You don’t bother me and I won’t bother you, now I am quiet, but you will not calm down, don’t expect mercy from me, it will cost you a lot.”
The Belkins filed a criminal complaint with the local police and the FBI and it is speculated that this is most likely due to fear that Maira’s threat must be serious considering her notorious background
Methinks, Maria should ask Najib for a donation. Please don’t embarrass my PM lah – as if he is not already mighty embarrassed by his own scandals. Not to mention, Rosmah's too.
On Monday evening, I was at the MidValley Toastmasters meeting. The club had a speech marathon – nine speeches (including one from the Leadership Excellence Series) and eight evaluations. I was both the General Evaluator and an Evaluator for an Advanced speech by a Toastmaster friend, Wong Woon Pen.
All I can say is, it was a long-g-g meeting!


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