Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ismail Sabri Cannot Tell the Difference Between Fish and Turtle Eggs

My November 05, 2015 post had Minister of Rural and Regional Development Ismail Sabri in an awkward, if not embarrassing predicament when a photograph of him and other UMNO denizens with turtle eggs in front of them went viral on the Internet.
But he was defiant and he vehemently denied having eaten turtle eggs as these eggs have a high cholesterol content. That was what he said. He maintained he only ate fish at the dinner.
Now there are photos showing a small plate of turtle eggs in front of Ismail Sabri while his own plate appears to show an egg that is broken in half.

I had waited with bated breath for him to clarify the matter. But then I realized soon enough that I would not get any explanation. He is likely to remain silent because he cannot possibly elucidate his innocence – after all, the eggshell sat despondently right in front of his nose.
On Saturday, I attended a luncheon at Jaya Palace Restaurant in Wisma LYL, Petaling Jaya. Dr. William Lau was in high spirits, celebrating his seventieth birthday.

Longevity noodles
Longevity buns
Scottish Premiership leaders Celtic failed to break down a resolute Kilmarnock side and the Saturday match ended in a goalless draw.

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