Friday, November 6, 2015

Abdul Hadi Awang's Treachery

The truth has been revealed. At last night’s ceramah in Kota Baru, Kelantan, former PAS veep, Husam Musa had disclosed that PAS had been guilty of political treachery.
The Islamist party president (left) had wanted to work with UMNO and set up a unity government in Selangor during last year’s menteri besar crisis.
A two-timer. A back stabber. A Judas. That is who Abdul Hadi Awang really is. A supposedly pious man who proudly wears the thick robes of hypocrisy.
This semester I am also teaching DMK1023 Business Communication and my Diploma in Business students are required to produce a 2-minute video commercial as well as a set of 3 posters (in three languages) that relate to the same “marketing offer”.
There were thirty-eight pieces of work in all and a panel of judges spent significant time examining them.
Below, you can view the Best 7 posters:

As for the commercials, below, you can find a sample of three videos which deserved special mention:

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