Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Seditious or Not Seditious?

My blog post (“Islam Crosses Swords with the Cross”) yesterday refers. I still don't understand why Muslims should fear the cross.

Anyway, with regard to the anti-church protest, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar says it's not seditious. Home Minister Zahid Hamidi says it is.
Oh my goodness me. Who's right and who's wrong?
That's the effing problem with the Sedition Act! It was made intentionally ambiguous in order to allow anyone in authority to interpret it as he/she likes.
Let me say it again! Malaysians have idiots for a government!
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or also referred to as ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or even simply Islamic State) is one name that is being avoided like a plague.
An English language school and education group called "Isis" is having to change its name because of the associations with ‘Islamic’ extremism.
[Note: The education group, which runs English language courses for thousands of overseas students, was started with funding from the Prince's Trust. It has been called Isis since 1991, taking its name from the part of the River Thames at Oxford that is called the Isis].


A spokesperson said it had become increasingly difficult to attend international language events under the Isis banner. And there were also "negative comments" for staff wearing Isis T-shirts. Not to mention concerns about internet search engines and the results that might follow from someone looking for the Isis training centres!
The re-branding has adopted the name Oxford International Education Group.

Image credit: http://www.egyptsouvenir.com/sub%20papyrus%20htm/winged_isis.htm

Last week, the World Meteorological Organisation said that it would remove Isis from a list of potential names for hurricanes. It had been on a list for future hurricanes in the Pacific, in reference to the ancient Egyptian goddess, but it has now been dropped and replaced with Ivette.
Also, a private equity firm and a software brand are among the businesses which have dropped using Isis as their name.

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