Friday, April 3, 2015

Mahathir Mohamad is on a Warpath

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (left) is on a warpath. He has unleashed a vigorous bombardment of hard-hitting criticisms at Najib Razak, saying that BN will lose GE14 if the latter keeps on being obstinate and insists on remaining in power.
Mahathir's reason is short and sweet. Malaysians don’t trust Najib anymore.
Mahathir said Najib is not coming clean on a body of issues. From Altantuya Shaariibuu and “under orders” Sirul Azhar Umar to Rosmah Mansor’s son Riza Aziz and his good buddy Jho Low. From PetroSaudi and 1MDB to indulging in wasteful spending – specifically on a luxury jet that is exorbitant as it is superfluous.
Writing in his blog – his Tuesday post “UMNO dan PRU14” (“UMNO and GE14”) – he pointedly told Najib to resign.
He also made a dire prediction – if UMNO are defeated, the party cannot be rehabilitated anymore. And the Malays will curse the leadership which made the party so weak that they are rejected by the Malays themselves.
Que sera sera. What will be, will be.

Unless Mahathir conspires with anti-Najib forces within BN and bring him down – Najib is likely to stay in power. The latter has surrounded himself with opportunistic sycophants and they are expected to protect and defend him. But then again, this cabal of mindless minions could just as easily become turncoats. In the BN world of manipulative politics, who can you really trust?
On Thursday, Sunway University Toastmasters Club had their Guest Night and I was the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening. With me as the genial host, one can expect a successful meeting. And it was. The meeting could be better organized though but then again, it is a learning process for the organizer(s).


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