Monday, January 19, 2015

Rosmah Mansor Visits Flood Victims

Bernama pic, January 18, 2015
Malaysians who think the wife of our prime minister doesn’t care about the flood victims have got it wrong! She does care!

After having rested well since her return from Bangkok, she visited evacuees offering words of comfort and distributing supplies. For two days, i.e. 17th and 18th.

It doesn’t matter if the floodwaters have already receded and there are only 83 families in Kelantan and Perak (this statistic is taken from today’s Portal Bencana) who have not returned to their ravaged homes. It is important that Rosmah Mansor was there! The press even had photos of her doing her rounds. 

If you really know her, she doesn't want publicity. She prefers a low profile but the press keeps on shining the spotlight on her. It's not her fault so why do we persist in mocking her?

She needn't be there because she doesn't have to. But still, she went. It shows that she is so full of care, consideration and compassion. I don't know about you but I am so touched that after writing this blog, I am going to have a good cry.

I have no doubt that this country needs Rosmah Mansor! You got it right. We need her like we need a festering sore on our backsides. 

Celtic returned to Premiership action after a winter break, to win 2-0 against Hamilton Academical on Saturday. And these were first time goals from Adam Mathews and Liam Henderson – in the thirty-third minute, Matthews smashed a brilliant strike into the top corner and in the fiftieth minute, it was Henderson’s well-struck shot on the turn.

Also on the same day, Liverpool saw Fabio Borini scoring his first goal of the season, when he tucked away a Jordan Henderson cross at the far post in the twenty-fourth minute. And then Rickie Lambert arrowed in an 18-yard shot in the seventy-ninth minute to secure victory for the Reds in this EPL match against Aston Villa.

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