Friday, January 2, 2015

Najib Razak: A Bona Fide Cheapskate

A man making his way through Temerloh town in Pahang in a boat. The Malaysian Insider-Afif Abd Halim pic, December 31, 2014

The flood situation is improving. As at 05:00 PM today, there were 79,220 evacuees. And eighteen deaths todate.
Social media went a-buzz on Friday when pictures of rice bags meant for distribution to flood victims had faces of Najib Razak on them – went online.
And the photo didn’t come from pro-Opposition bloggers, if I may add. It came from pro-UMNO blogger Syed Akhbar Ali (“OutSyed The Box”).
Syed had claimed that extra workers were hired to paste the prime minister’s image on supplies provided by the Agriculture Ministry. The latter’s minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob also put his mug-shot in order to shamelessly share the limelight with Najib.
Syed further claimed that he was sent the picture by one of those who were hired and that the supplies could not be distributed until the pictures were pasted on them.
Why is Syed upset? Najib paid for the rice out of his own pocket, didn’t he? So if he wants to put his picture on bags of rice – that is his business lah. He is a politician after all and he desires publicity at any cost.
Or was it paid for by the Prime Minister's office? In that case, it was taxpayers’ money that funded the rice.
If it is our money, why was Najib’s effing face stuck on rice bags?
Were they also stuck on mineral water bottles, Milo tins, packs of sugar and cartons of instant noodles too?
And what about toilet rolls?
I really cannot believe that Najib can be so indecently bold, immodestly brazen and impudently barefaced. Najib is a bona fide cheapskate!
Najib aside, it is nice to know that Selangor is giving RM1 million to Kelantan to help with the flood relief. Penang is also donating RM1.5 million to the four worst-affected states. PR-governed states show they care.

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