Friday, October 31, 2014

The Begging Culture

Second Education Minister Idris Jusoh (left) said on Tuesday that the Malays should possess far-sighted mindsets so that they would not become extinct at some point in the future.
"We have to stop the culture of begging, I don't want to see our race as a fast food nation that wants everything to be delivered fast, including money, aid and assistance,” he argued.
Is he telling the Malays that they are really so dependent on government giveaways that they cannot prosper, much less survive on their own? Is he mocking his own race? Or is he telling the truth that his race is doomed?
Isn’t he making a sweeping statement? Why is he tarring all Malays with the same brush? Why is this Malay putting down other Malays?
Perhaps his whole purpose in speaking out is simply to give a warning to the Malays before it is too late. He must have known that once you are on the road to ruination – that’s it! There is no turning back!
Think about it. If at all, there is indeed, a culture of begging – who started it, if not UMNO? The idea is to make Malays so accustomed to handouts, that today, they have become addicted to them! And lo and behold, the Malays are enslaved!
I don’t want to make a monkey out of Idris Jusoh – why should I take all the credit?
On Wednesday, I was in KL’s Jalan Bukit Bintang to attend the ITC Bintang Toastmasters meeting in Federal Hotel. I was one of 12 speakers for the scary story-telling segment. After all, this was a Halloween-themed meeting. My two hundred and one regular Toastmasters meeting for the calendar year 2014 so far and I delivered my 81st speech!
My SUBS student, Luqmaan Abdullah Brooks helped to prepare a blood pack (left) – fake blood, of course. I needed it because I was thirsty for blood – “Bloodthirsty” being the title of my story. It was a humorous speech, Victor Ong-style.
A lot of people were there! There were Toastmasters from Taman Indrahana, AIA Capsquare, Chiyoda, KL Advanced, PwC, Sunway University, Premier Advanced and AFC. For sure, I know everyone who came had lots of fun!


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