Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BN Won't Be Fair to the Chinese

Najib Razak (right) had said on October 12, 2014 that the Chinese could not make demands on Barisan Nasional if they continue to support Pakatan Rakyat. And only when they switch to BN, will BN be fair to the Chinese.
I am sure the fools at MCA’s sixty-first annual general assembly would have applauded Najib. It just goes to show that even the Chinese are not always immune to spells of stupidity.
DAP's Anthony Loke had scolded the prime minister for allegedly suggesting the Chinese are “beggars” who did not appreciate “alms” handed out to them by Putrajaya.
Certainly, his speech was as clear as day. The implication is that he is Prime Minister for only 47% of the population because they voted BN. And even then, he targeted the Chinese in particular and spared the Indians, Malays and/or Others. His statement was, therefore, divisive. His 1Malaysia shibboleth has become a stale joke. It seems that blathering Najib is an expert at discharging drivel every now and then.
East Malaysians should pay heed. Sarawak and Sabah voted overwhelmingly for BN. How come I don’t see these two states getting their fair share of development? I guess stupidity is infectious.
I finally accepted Sarah Abedi’s invitation and yesterday, I dutifully turned up at Kelab Shah Alam to be the General Evaluator at her club meeting. The Shah Alam Toastmasters meeting smouldered with energy and I can say for sure that the eleven of us who were present had a good time. My only gripe is that we started the meeting eight minutes late. Therefore, I am scoring the meeting a 3.5 over 10.

In the Euro 2016 qualifier, Scotland was leading 2-1 against Poland until an Arkadiusz Milik equaliser (76) denied them a famous win. Still the 2-2 draw was an impressive result for the Scots. It was their first away point in Group D and this Tuesday result moves them onto four points. It means Scotland are now level with world champs Germany. Poland and Ireland lead the group on seven.

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