Friday, October 3, 2014

Better to Be a Prostitute

The decision of yet another young Malay woman to join DAP is the third that has received significant media attention following the move by Dyana Sofya and Syefura Othman (also known as Rara), as the Rocket aims to widen its appeal to the Malay community. And better still, it has received unlikely support from its Pakatan Rakyat coalition partner, PAS. 

This woman is 22-year-old Universiti Selangor graduate Jamilah Rahim, nicknamed Melati (left) and she dons the purdah. 

In his blog posting, Johor PAS Youth member Sheikh Omar, who is also an assistant to DAP’s Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong, said Jamilah’s decision to join the party could set a clear standard for young Malaysians to emulate when going against current stereotypes. He said: “This indicates that Generation Y has no racist sentiments in their thought process in determining that Malaysia’s future is more fair and democratic.” 

But the move by Melati has been attacked by an UMNO-linked blogger, going by the name “Kunta Kinte Malaysia”, who, in a posting dated September 30, 2014, called on her to become a prostitute instead. He made the astounding claim that her decision to join DAP was equivalent to selling her religion and identity. 

By his disrespectful words, this dildo disgraces Islam. He dishonors women. And he degrades them. 

Liverpool stutter to defeat in the Champions League as FC Basel's Marco Streller scores the only goal of their Group B clash. At home, the Reds are disappointing. In Europe, it is the same story. 

Brendan Rodgers, what have you got to say? Please resign and save me from this sickening bout of stomach-turning nausea. 

I was in KL’s Bukit Jalil on Wednesday to attend the AFC Toastmasters meeting where I had the opportunity to deliver my CC speech #4. I didn’t think it was a good speech; it was moseying along without a direction for quite some time. Still it carried a weighty message and I was a wee bit surprised to be voted Best Speaker. 

A slipshod meeting because timekeeping was appalling – we started almost ten minutes late and we finished twenty-five minutes behind schedule. Not to mention, the meeting agenda was riddled with six boo-boos. And regretfully, many members stayed away. Therefore, in my books, this meeting earned a score of 2.5 over 10. 

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