Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Muhyiddin Yassin Brings Up May 13

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Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was at a Pagoh event in Johor, on July 04, 2014 when he said another racial riot similar to "that incident" was not impossible, amid rising racial tensions – he was apparently alluding to the May 13, 1969 race riots.
An Utusan Malaysia report the next day, quoted Muhyiddin as saying that racial conflict appears to have become the norm as one race criticizes another.
When Muhyiddin talked about one race criticizing another – it is a no-brainer that he was referring to the non-Malays.
Why is it that when there is criticism, it must always be tagged to race? Or religion?
The criticism is seen as wrong because the government (i.e. UMNO) is always right. The criticism is hostile because Malays and Muslims are at the receiving end of unflagging attacks by non-Malays/non-Muslims, supposedly. The criticism is pitting one camp against another – it is never seen as a community issue where civil society can sit down and address it openly and with decorum. WTF!
DAP’s Lim Kit Siang is flabbergasted that Muhyiddin had dared to vent a threat. Isn’t it an admission that the ruling government’s nation-building policies have failed, he asked.
“Muhyiddin is confessing to BN’s failure by suggesting that another May 13 is not impossible,” Lim said.
Why resurrect the past? Why even bring up the fear? And why  must he engage in scaremongering? That incident was a blemish on the country's history but it happened forty-five years ago. Let it go; it is time to move on!
Doesn't the above make Muhyiddin look like a real idiot? Methinks, it is pointless to even call him that because he will acknowledge you. And then it will take him the rest of the week to figure out how idiotic he has been.
Yesterday, I was at 11A-2, Jalan Puteri 4/7A in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. I delivered an Advanced speech titled “Happiness” from the "Speaking to Inform" manual. I didn’t think I did that well – it was a speech that could be better organized. It wasn’t clear, coherent or compelling. That, of course, is my personal opinion. In any case, I must buck up.
Overall, the meeting was up to snuff and it was even very well-attended. I would give it a 5.5 over 10 score.

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