Thursday, June 19, 2014

Selangor MB is a Buffoon

Why is Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim (left) taking his own sweet time to seek an audience with the Selangor Sultan to get the Bibles released? He is getting to be more like a buffoon by the day!
If you have read my post on Monday, it would seem that MAIS and JAIS are not afraid to expose themselves and flaunt their balls! They dare to show that they are above the law!
Putting aside the fact that they are now a law unto themselves, it must be pointed out that the Attorney-General himself has already decided on the Bible issue and neither has he changed his mind.
The Selangor Sultan must now instruct these two recalcitrant entities to comply with the AG’s decision on the said matter. Constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari says that the Federal Constitution is the supreme law in the country and no one is above it, including the sultan!
So, what is HRH waiting for?
I can confirm that this country is now overrun by religious zealots who are ready to be insubordinate, to disobey and to defy.
The second installment of video commercials produced by my DMK1013 students at Sunway University:

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