Monday, June 9, 2014

Majority of Malaysians Against GST

Despite Putrajaya's RM250 million marketing blitz to promote the goods and services tax (GST), a UCSI University survey still found that a majority of Malaysians are against the consumption tax that is due next April 01. 

The findings revealed: That 80% of respondents were not confident that the government would be able to implement GST effectively. That 41.7% strongly agreed and 37.5% agreed with the assertion that GST “is more effective in other countries but may be abused by our government”. That 66% felt that the new tax will not improve the economy. That 83% believed that it will burden low- and middle-income citizens. That 59% did not feel that they could accept the GST. And that 49% wanted the current sales and service tax system to continue. 

On Thursday, UCSI’s Dr Ngerng Miang Hong said this survey of 700 respondents was conducted both online and at face-to-face meetings with both rural and urban respondents between the ages of 20 and 45. Respondents were not identified according to ethnicity but he claimed they came from diverse backgrounds. 

In April 2014, independent pollster Merdeka Center did a similar survey of 1,009 people and found that 62% of the respondents were against the consumption tax. 

The Najib Razak administration says GST is necessary to raise government revenue and trim the national deficit. The fools in Putrajaya even claim that in its first year, GST will earn the government an additional RM3 billion. 

Pakatan Rakyat, on the other hand, insists that leakages in the BN government’s spending cost taxpayers between RM25 billion and RM40 billion a year. Plug them and we do not even need GST! Oh yes, stop wasteful expenditure that benefits only politicians and their crony business associates. 

The GST is being used by the Malaysian government to “legally” rob the rakyat because they desperately need us to dig deep into our pockets so that we can bail the country out. The Treasury is already running low! 

Najib, can you understand? Notwithstanding my personal opinion on GST – most Malaysians are against it! Are you even listening? I know the answer but evidently, 48 percent of Malaysians are still playing dumb because in GE13, they supported BN! They are the stupid Malaysians! 

On Sunday, I was in the Bangsar neighborhood of KL where I attended the Sai Masters Toastmasters meeting. I was the General Evaluator and I also gave a speech from the Advanced manual “Speaking to Inform”. As usual, it was an impromptu speech and the title of the speech was incidentally “Impromptu Speaking”! I was voted Best Speaker but I was more impressed with the quality of speeches and more so, the quality of evaluations. A good meeting and this club practiced good time management. My score: 8 over 10.

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