Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Germany Pummel Portugal

On Monday, Germany pummelled Portugal 4-0 in a Group G match in Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil's third largest city. The Germans were ruthless and  so, the latter suffered their heaviest defeat at a World Cup. The fearsome German attacking machine certainly lived up to its deserved reputation.

And in the other game which I had followed closely, Iran and Nigeria played out the first draw of the 2014 World Cup as their Group F opener ended goalless. The Group F match in the Arena Da Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil has been described as a poor quality match that ended in stalemate.


Pic courtesy of Calvary Convention Centre, June 15, 2014
Also, yesterday, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah ranted again. In his article in Sinar Harian titled “What is fair and what is not”, the mean-spirited Chinese convert complained about the imposing Calvary Convention Center – part of the Calvary Church – that is located in KL’s Bukit Jalil. He added that this mammoth structure exists because Malay-Muslims have been giving too much leeway to the Christians. He is unafraid to shout out that Christians should not build mega churches since they only make up 10% of Malaysia's population.
Now, who is the ultra kiasu? Tee Chok Sang. Or now known as Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. A first-class idiot who is anti-Chinese and anti-Christian! No matter how hard he tries, he cannot scrub away his Chinese-ness and that makes him really angry. And of course, he takes it out on the Chinese. Also, his faith is so precarious that he finds Christianity a real threat. How not to pity him?

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