Saturday, June 7, 2014

Are Cadbury Chocs Really Safe for Malay-Muslims?

In an attempt to recover Malay-Muslim consumers’ confidence, chocolate manufacturer Cadbury Malaysia are going on an advertising blitz calling Malaysians to continue their 40-year trust on their products. The advertisements titled "Halal yesterday, Halal today and Halal tomorrow" (New Straits Times, June 07, 2014, p 03; The Star, June 06, 2014, p 13)' and "We take Halal as seriously as you do" (The Star, June 07, 2014, p 05) were meant to reassure the consumers that Cadbury chocolates produced locally are correctly certified 'halal' by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim). 

“You’ve trusted us for 40 years and can continue to do so. Thank you Malaysia for believing in us,” stated Cadbury in the advertisement. 

I am not a Muslim, so I suppose I can still be happily munching on my Cadbury chocolate. 

But if I am a Muslim, I would still be wary! Why shouldn’t I? With whom should I place my trust in? The Health Ministry? Or Jakim’s unidentified lab? Are we saying that the Malaysian government are untrustworthy? You mean I cannot trust my own government? 

Although Jakim says it is now alright to consume the chocolates, don't forget it was they who were quick on the gun to suspend the 'halal' certification. Almost immediately.

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To be honest, in Malaysia, I can’t trust anybody or anything that is related to the government. Really. I don’t believe the Health Ministry and neither do I believe Jakim. So, the best thing is to avoid Cadbury chocolates. If I am a Muslim, that is. Otherwise, I have to cleanse my blood every time I consume Cadbury chocolates – just in case! 

Didn’t the coalition of Islamic NGOs demand that Cadbury Malaysia bear the cost of blood exchange transfusions for Muslims who had consumed the tainted chocolate prior to the Health Ministry’s revelation? 

In fact, at one news conference called to announce the Cadbury boycott, there was a Malay-Muslim woman who was clearly hysterical, yelling: “Will Cadbury wash away the tainted blood in our veins? I want to wash away the tainted blood of my children who have consumed the chocolates… how will money even compensate for that?” 

I wonder. So pumping yourself full of blood from other humans is going to help cleanse you of digested pig, much of which has been broken down and dispersed among your cells already? Notwithstanding the belief that you must cleanse your blood – perhaps these Malay-Muslims must also be vigilant about the blood they receive. I would advise them to go for ‘halal’ blood transfusions, just to be on the safe side.

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