Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zaid Ibrahim Calls for Najib's Ouster

Speculation keeps on surfacing that there are attempts to oust Najib Razak. And these come from within his UMNO family.

Even the former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim (left) has sounded a clarion call for the sixth prime minister's head to roll.
Yesterday, in his blog ‘The Zaidgeist’, he wrote: "I know the PM is a man of few words. He seldom says what is expected of national leaders, but if this is indeed the way it’s going to be then it’s the duty of all Malaysians and the Malays who refuse to be doomed to start an active campaign to bring real change. That means to bring about change in leadership. How much more travesty must we endure from leaders who are destroying the country we love?”
Much as I like to disagree with Zaid; sadly, he is right.
Najib is doing a marvellous job of ruining the country. And additionally making us look like we belong to a circus. I daresay even Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would be preferred to Najib. The former’s performance as PM was decent, given that he was mostly asleep on the job!
For those who don’t know Zaid Ibrahim – he is the politician who left UMNO to join PKR only to resign after one-and-a-half-years. He then joined KITA and quit fourteen-and-a-half months later.
So, Zaid Ibrahim, be careful with what you wish for. If the Malays were to begin to think, opportunists like you will not have any future!
On Friday, OCBC Toastmasters organized a joint meeting @ KT2014 – at the District 51 Annual Conference venue, i.e. Primula Beach Hotel in Jalan Persinggahan, Kuala Terengganu. I took the opportunity to deliver my CC#2 speech and I was evaluated by Meyappa M. A good meeting overall. An 8 over 10 score.


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