Sunday, May 11, 2014

The UMNO Agenda


The country is witnessing a racial and religious divide that seems to keep getting wider and wider. And Prime Minister Najib Razak is eloquently silent. He is showing himself to be a coward, a caitiff, a chicken. 

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) persist in showing how some Malays feel about the Chinese and Indians in the country. On Friday, their president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said that non-Muslims must continue to pay taxes but should just leave the Malays and Muslims to govern the country. He explained: “It is the remuneration they pay as citizens, so they have to pay… they earn their income from the country, therefore they have to pay taxes”. 

But at the same time, he reiterated that these non-Malays have no right to object to the shaping of Malaysia as an Islamic country, as well as the position of the Bumiputera community, which includes the Malays. 

In other words, just pay and shut up! 

It is not a coincidence that these extreme Malay-Muslim rabble-rousers such as Isma, Perkasa and Perkida appeared on the scene only after 2008 – after GE12 and when Najib Razak became prime minister on April 03, 2009. If you can recall, the ruling BN suffered the worst political tsunami ever – losing Kedah, Perak and the two jewel states of Selangor and Penang to Pakatan Rakyat. 

That was when opposition voices clamoring for change became loud enough to make some of these Malays-Muslims extremely nervous. The latter want to preserve the old ways, to perpetuate the rent-seeking and corrupt traditions, to protect a culture that promotes hog heaven and permanentizes the easy life of the UMNO elite. 

And of course, prior to 2008, the non-Malay-Muslim parties aligned with UMNO were kept on a leash and since they were fed with leftovers – not unsurprisingly, they kept very quiet. Very much like the three wise monkeys that “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. 

And when GE13 showed that Malaysians (52 percent of us) have had enough of this nonsense and wanted change, these Malay-Muslim bigots came out of the woodwork to show themselves. They promoted themselves as defenders of their race and religion. They became more aggressive, bellicose and combative. You and I know that unseen hands are behind these zealots. 

Well, except for Perkasa which are unafraid to reveal themselves. After all, the government has already admitted to funding Perkasa since four years ago. And Perkasa’s patron is none other than Mahathir Mohamad. 

And there is the popular belief that Isma too are an UMNO creation. They have been chosen to be the punching bag for everyone. Didn’t Mahathir just rebuke Isma? Mahathir also wants to look good and so his Perkasa is easing off, at least for now. 

The idea of creating these fascist factions is to build a false facade that they command the support of a majority of the Malays-Muslims.

Aren’t all of the denigration now falling upon Isma instead of UMNO? Not too long ago, it was Perkasa that took all the abuse. After all, when GE14 comes, UMNO are still in the game – but not these firebrands, haranguers and demagogues! These troublemakers are merely reading from the same UMNO script that requires them to put out blustering rhetoric that exploits the themes of race and religion in order to keep their Malay-Muslim brethren in check.

Is Najib the prime minister for Malays only or for all Malaysians? 

How long will gutless Najib be struck dumb?

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