Monday, May 5, 2014

Malaysia is Heaven, says Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

The National Defense University Malaysia lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah complains in his Sinar Harian column today that Malaysia does not have the characteristics of an Islamic country due to the increase in the number of temples and churches. 

"Places of worship in Malaysia will soon make the country look more like a non-Muslim country with the increasing number of churches, kuil and temples," he writes. 

And he even claims that the institutions of higher learning in Malaysia no longer practice Malay as the national language, but placed priority on English and Chinese. 

I have no intention of commenting on these laughable and ludicrous remarks. I really think he has taken leave of his senses. Maybe he is even deranged. 

Furthermore, he advises Malaysian critics – if you are not happy living in Malaysia, you should pack your bags and head for greener pastures. He actually describes the country as 'heaven' ("syuirga") and equating it to a 'paradise'. Isn’t this sacrilegious? Allah is ready to forgive him for he knows not what he says. 

But even so, that does not hide the fact that Ridhuan is a disgrace to all other academics! He is the kind of a man that you would use as a blueprint to build an idiot. Otherwise, pray tell me – what else is he good for?

On a personal note, I am feeling miserable. And I have been hating myself since yesterday.

This year's EPL title race is one of the most open in Premier League history, with Manchester City and Liverpool in a two-way tussle that may not be decided until the final day of the season. 

Liverpool needs six points, although if Man City win their two matches, the latter will almost certainly take the title on goal difference. On the other hand, Manchester City will almost certainly secure the title on goal difference regardless of other teams. And they could win it with four points if Liverpool fail to win one of their games. 

The only way for Liverpool to win the EPL crown is for Manchester City to drop points against Aston Villa on Wednesday and/or West Ham on Sunday. 

I can only pray. And hope. And wish.

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