Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ahmad Zahid Labels Chinese Ingrates

Malaysians can duly recognize Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for his ability to deliver drivel at astounding frequency and at amazing speed. True enough, even before his stinking spit has dried up – read my post at this link http://helpvictor.blogspot.com/2014/05/ahmad-zahid-is-so-celaka-good.html today – his mouth is blasting at full volume and letting loose a bombast of bluster.
On Monday, he called Chinese voters, especially those with successful businesses, who choose DAP as "ingrates". According to the UMNO vice-president, this is because they are turning their backs on the Malays and Indians who contributed to their wealth.
"I will be sad if the people of Teluk Intan choose DAP again. The Malays will be sad, and Indians even sadder”. Since when is he speaking for the non-UMNO Malays or even the Indians?
"It is fine for the Chinese as they are traders, but what will happen if the Malays and Indians do not support the Chinese traders by not buying their goods. They can't survive either”, he told an audience, made up of community leaders at Kampung Durian Sebatang in Teluk Intan. He was obviously trying to tell the Chinese that they are where they are today because of solid support from the Malays and Indians and therefore, they should be grateful and vote for BN.
Of course, he did not elaborate on how the Chinese voting for DAP would mean that Malays and Indians would not get the help they need. Of course, he did not. How could he? He is only good at dishing out dollops of bullshit.  
I won’t blame you if you are confused by his utterances. I am too.
From the above, I don't think I would be too far wrong if I say that Ahmad Zahid is the unthinking type. Maybe I have erred into thinking that he had some low-level intelligence. But I have come to realize that he doesn't hesitate to speak his mind because he has nothing to lose.
I don't know what makes him so stupid, but it really works!
For your information, I hate stupidity – but what I hate even more is when people like Ahmad Zahid show off his stupidity for all to see. And I feel for him because I get embarrassed on his behalf!

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