Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ahmad Zahid is So Celaka Good

UMNO is really getting devil-may-care desperate. They sent in Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (left) to help Gerakan lose the Teluk Intan by-election by making the latter believe he is helping them to win! And that can happen because the Home Minister is really good at shooting off his mouth. I mean it – he is so celaka good at spewing garbage.
"Don't play play with me. I know who has voted and didn't vote," he warned volunteer corps Rela officers in Teluk Intan on Saturday.

Revealing that there are over 8,000 Rela members who are voters in the constituency, Zahid also said that there were 2,000 over Rela members who did not vote in the last general elections despite being eligible to vote.
"So, this time, make sure that BN wins this parliamentary seat," Ahmad Zahid said in his speech at Sekolah Kebangsaan Selabak in Teluk Intan’s Jalan Kampung Selabak.
"I'm watching over the Pekan Baru ballot boxes," he said. Kampung Selabak comes under the Pekan Baru voting district.
He told Rela corps that he would buy them new uniforms should BN win the by-election, while also stressing that Teluk Intan would be eligible for the RM1 million constituency allocation if the voters vote for BN's candidate Mah Siew Keong.
I call the above voter intimidation. Is he stupid or what? Doesn’t he know that secret balloting is supposed to be what it is – secret?
Anyway, what can you expect from a dumbass like Zahid? One thing’s for sure about him – there is a large emptiness between his ears. And as he speaks, echoes of his own words become amplified, his stupidity reverberating loudly across the wide expanse that is his untenanted cranium.
Zahid’s pronouncements prove that stupidity is an epidemic on the rise in the country!

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