Monday, May 12, 2014

MCA Chicken Out of Bukit Gelugor By-election


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I am beginning to get alarmed. I think I may be suffering from alektorophobia. Simply put, it is the fear of chickens. 

I am seeing chickens everywhere and I break into a cold sweat when I chanced upon the feathered fowls. It is bad enough when your prime minister has turned into a lily-livered chicken. And even the MCA is nothing more than a chicken coop where the timid birds roost. 

These MCA chickens are already spooked. They dared not contest in the Bukit Gelugor by-election. And on Saturday, they conveniently came up with an excuse that they had wanted to focus on thwarting opposition Islamist party PAS’s plan to introduce hudud in Kelantan. 

Of course, Malaysians know only too well that MCA are very afraid to lose and not just lose but lose so magnificently that their humiliation will be demeaning and degrading. 

They looked dumb and dumber when PAS declared on Sunday that they were postponing tabling the private members’ bills on hudud in Parliament, pending a joint technical committee with Putrajaya to discuss the practicalities of Islamic criminal law. 

On the same day itself, MCA secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan clucked that MCA will still stay out of the polls because they wanted to focus on strengthening the party in order to get ready for the next general election 

Even if cowardly MCA have given up on the opportunity to contest, Najib Razak could have pushed for other BN parties, including UMNO to challenge the DAP, but he didn’t do so. It is a sure sign that in Penang, BN are running scared. 

MCA should just close shop. And UMNO have shown that they too lacked courage. It looks like Pakatan Rakyat and especially the DAP shall dominate Penang for some time to come.

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